Co-authored with: Joy Aceron

Book Chapter in Agenda for Hope: Democratiing Governance (2010)

This chapter proposes a movement for nation-building among reformist leaders from the different local government units (LGUs), the bureaucracy, the citizens’ groups, and even among the circles of some modernizing elites, that would develop a system of synergy and interdependence to be able to connect their efforts, share a common vision for the country, and eventually execute a coordinated strategy of capturing power at the national level. … Read more

Co-authored with: Steven Herz and Jonathan Sohn (Editor)

WRI Report (2007)

While much has been written on the legal, normative, and development arguments for ensuring that host communities have the opportunity to provide their free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) to a project, relatively little attention has been paid to the “business case” for FPIC. The argument is rarely made that it is in the financial interest of project sponsors and their financial backers to ensure that local communities have certain rights to provide or withhold their consent. … Read more

Co-authored with: Dante A. Dalabajan and Grizelda Mayo-Anda

with Environmental Legal Assistance Center

This study was carried out by the Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Inc. (ELAC) with the support of the World Resources Institute (WRI). Through its Equity, Poverty and Environment Initiative (EPE), WRI seeks to reduce poverty and promote sound environmental management by ensuring equitable access to ecosystem goods and services, and fair distribution of natural resource benefits. … Read more

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